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I am using xubuntu linux, and if I press ALT-F2 it opens a run prompt. I want to disable this and other hotkeys. How do I disable these?
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
CTL-ALT-F2 gets you Virtual Console 2 (VC2) - a non-gui login prompt. Is that what you're getting?
It's strongly advised to run at least *one* VC - usually on VC 6 but you don't need six of them. I don't know how you change or remove (bad idea) the CTL-ALT-Fn bindings.
Back to ALT-F2: on my system,  ALT-F1 gets me a menu of apps and ALT-F2 gets me nothing. These bindings are set up in the window manager configuration file, .fvwm95rc in my case because I run the old fvwm95 window manager. If you're running KDE or Gnome, they will have their own configuration files somewhere - you'll have to look for them or maybe another expert can tell you where they are. You'll see the bindings when you get there.
From the "control panel" you can select keyboard, and from there you can select your shortcuts, or remove existing ones.

This answer is from memory, so I might miss a bit on the name of the icon. I am sure you are able to find it still.
If you are running GNOME, then under Start menu -> Preferences, you would have keyboard shortcuts. You can click to select and press Backspace key to disable a specifici shortcut.

Thank you.
This is Xubuntu - it's XFCE4.
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