Font size in Outlook 2003 view

When I want to read my Outlook 2003 email and see who it's from, subject, date, etc. in the view, how do I make the font bigger?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings contrain !

On Outlook's View menu, hit Arrange By, and then Custom will allow you to select the fonts to be used for that view.

You can also look at Options, Mail Format, Fonts and select a larger size, though that will also impact the actual font size used in any HTML you might send.

And finally as you view a message, if your mouse has a wheel, ctrl+rolling the wheel will increase or decrease the text size for most messages.

Best wishes, war1
contrainAuthor Commented:
Just what I was looking for plus some extra tips. Thanks!!!
You are welcome, contrain!
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