Disable Drag-and-Drop menues on the start menu

I am trying to prevent users from rearranging the start menu items.  I have tried to set the policy "Disable drag-and-drop menus on the Start menu" to disabled and enabled and users can still move the items around.  What am I doing wrong?
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In the start menu>properties>customize>Advanced, you can uncheck Enable Drag and dropping, but I believe that is where the GPO sets it's config that you tried...

This is from "Remove Drag-And-Drop context menus on the Start Menu" in User Configuration, under Administrative Templates.  This policy has to be set to ENABLED to enforce the preventing of drag and drop on the start menu by the users.  Also, you would need to apply this policy to the default domain policy.

Prevents users from using the drag-and-drop method to reorder or remove items on the Start menu. Also, it removes context menus from the Start menu.

If you disable this setting or do not configure it, users can remove or reorder Start menu items by dragging and dropping the item. They can display context menus by right-clicking a Start menu item.

This setting does not prevent users from using other methods of customizing the Start menu or performing the tasks available from the context menus.

Also, see the "Prevent changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings" and the "Remove access to the context menus for taskbar" settings.
The XP Personalized Menu? I dont think you can....

If it is the Start>Programs that you are concerned with, I think the only thing you might be able to do is to make sure that ALL shortcuts reside in the All users\Start Menu\Programs directory instead of "THIER USER ID\tart Menu\Programs"

By default they have full control over thier start folder in thier profile, unless you remove the inherited permissions from that folder and block access to it.

Keep in mind this will only *possibly* work if they are not admins and have acces to the all users statrup folder...
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