Interaction between Java and C#

can i have a class that is in C# and another that is in java to interact with each other? as i have a class that is written in java to be a connection from a pocket PC to a security hardware device. and those written in C# are the GUI and other suffs. can they interact with each other in a way when i press the button in the emulator that is created by C#, the class that is written in java will do the connection from the pocket PC to the security device hardware.
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geodan7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Component Object Model....but if you don't know that...then this link will probably be over your head.

Instead of doing it the COM way, perhaps we can just help translate your C# into VB or vice versa....perhaps you should post another question to get lots of eyes on it

It sounds like you want to implement COM programming. Since the classes are written in entirely different programming languages and using totally different frameworks...they won't be able to simply "talk to each other". However, if you created a COM object with C#, you could then access the COM object in most any programming language (java, javascript, VB,etc).

DWR200Author Commented:
COM stands for..?
I recommend that because both languages should be able to do the same thing
Check for  CORBA  technology.
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