WSUS broken after Dcpromo


After doing a dcpromo /forceremoval and an update to SP2, one of them screwed up the WSUS 3.0 service.  I looked for a solution ton this and on a Microsoft forum an MVP was saying that the dcpromo causes problems.  He advised unstalling WSUS then IIS, then reinstalling IIS then WSUS.  I tried this and, just like the guy who had started the post, could not uninstall WSUS due to an 'error'.  The MVP suggested to the guy to reinstall the OS but this is not an option.  Does anyone know how I could either uninstall WSUS or get it working again?  There was mention somewhere of permissin to the /WSUS/ folder but I have allowed NETWORK SERVICES full control.

Thanks guys

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Found this for you:

Change the Windows Internal Database service to run as LocalSystem
Give the IIS_WPG group Modify permissions to %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET files
Give IIS_WPG group modify permsissions to %systemroot%\temp

Hope it helps.

If that doesn't work, then post the errors you are having with WSUS uninstall.
TomMonkeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks nightmare2, worked a treat.
You're welcome ;)
It helped to start wsus.
Do I have to reinstall WSUS after that? or it will work further?
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