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Problem with Raid 5 array and very desprate

OK I need help and ASAP.

I have Server std 2003 with a High Point rocket raid 1640
while back a HDD failed and we lost the lot. I tried to rebuild with
the faulty drive and it wouldn't. Got new drive, make and size not
model, it did rebuild then chkdsk and removed the lot.

OK so got new drive and spare, everything good NO. Today old drive went
down, spare kicked in, second drive went down.

What to do?
Get new drives and try rebuild although I have little hope?
Is this a shit card?
How to test the drives against the card to determine fault?

Help, Help, Help,Help, Help, Help
2 Solutions
I have generally had bad experience with high point cards. I'd get a new card from a known good manufacturer, like promise if yiôu are looking in the low price segment, or 3ware, adaptec or areca for real hardware raid cards of high quality.

Also, I've have bad experiences with maxtor disks, so I'd not use such disks (although they belong to seagate now and I think the new products are good now).

A further point is to make sure your power supply is good and powerful enough to reliably supply all the hardware, Make sure You are using high Quality SATA cables. And if your disks support SATA-II and they have a Jumper to set it to SATA-I, set that jumper, as your controller only supports SATA-I.
mrwildeAuthor Commented:
I am using SEAGATE drives and as far as I know I have only seen samsung drives with the jumper selector for SATAI and SATAII
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I can't speak to the quality of HighPoint cards - but have you ever upgraded the firmware?

Also, you can try connecting the drives to another system WITHOUT a RAID controller and use RAID Reconstructor to see if you can recover your data - see www.runtime.org
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You should test the cards in another system anyway using the seatools. That should help you pinpoint the error to the disk(s) or the rest of the hardware.
mrwildeAuthor Commented:
Do you mean Test the drives using seatools
Yes, but in another PC without raid. If you have the UBCD they are included, but you can also get them from the seagate site. The UBCD though has many other useful tools too.

Forced accept.

EE Admin

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