How can Retrospect back-up run without having to Have retrospect software opened?

I am using EMC retrospect back-up software 7.5.370, I have setup a back-up script with a schedule to run every day however, it only runs the scheduled jobs when I launch the software. If retrospect program is closed the schedule jobs does not run. Pleas help.
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You can't run retrospect as a service.
See their kb article:

Logging off from the Terminal Services session causes all running applications to quit, including
Retrospect. To ensure that Retrospect continues to run, do not use the log off option in the Start
menu to log off from Terminal Services. Instead, simply close the Terminal Services window.
Closing the window disconnects you from the Terminal Services session, but leaves the session
running. Retrospect remains unaffected, and the next time you connect to the remote server via
Terminal Services, Retrospect will be running.

Make sure that the Retrospect launcher service is enabled.  You can find this option in Perferences > Startup, at the top.  Afterwards, you should see the retrorun.exe process running in the background, which will open Retrospect when a script is scheduled to launch.

Retrospect seems to have a strange bug that stops it from executing scripts automatically on a seemingly random basis, even when the retrorun.exe service is running.  If this happens, try exiting Retrospect and ending the retrorun process, and then re-opening Retrospect.  This seems to re-initialize the retrorun service, and automatic execution should work again.

We ran into this problem with v6.5 and it's still with us with v7.6  if you can believe it...  What we've been doing for the past 8 years is just locking the workstation and using VNC to remotely control the server.  Last year, I set the server up to automatically login with a special local account (i.e. retrospect) just for the backup and I put a shortcut called "zLockWS" in the startup folder for that profile( path: %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll LockWorkStation) along with the shortcut for Retrospect itself.  We use Dameware Mini-Remote to control it.  Whenever it gets rebooted, it comes up ready for action with the screen locked.  Cool, eh?

-John T
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