I need to connect multiple COM ports

I am using Windows XP service pack 2.
I want to connect multiple COM port at a time. Each COM port should be able to connect different instances of hyperterminal at a time. When I am using Gigabyte dongle, I can connect multiple mobiles this way. Now Gigabyte dongle is not available in India. What is the alternative?
currently I am working with
1. Zippys Dongle and BlueSoleil driver
2. XMicro Dongle and WiddComm driver

when I was using Nokia 6021, I can connect multiple 6021 mobiles using WiddComm driver, by creating virtual COM ports. The problem is now Nokia 6021 is also not available. Because as far as I know Nokia 6021 supports serial COM port. Other mobiles supports only DUN bluetooth connection. Is there any other mobile that supports Serial Communication port? If so please update me.

But any way I want to connect more than one mobile with different COM ports. There are two ways to get the solution.
1. By changing dongle (example Gigabyte)
2. By changing mobile (example Nokia 6021).

Please help me. Thanks in advance.
R. Pandiarajan.
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There is a very simple solution -a nd very cheap too :

Buy SONY Ericsson K320i phone (very cheap - somewhere around 3500-4000 Rs)
The phone comes with USB cable connectivity (and the cable as well)

Buy any 4-8 port USB hub (300-500 Rs) and connect as many phones as you require.

I am currently using 3 phones in this way.

godwindotnetAuthor Commented:
Hi Meff and keyurkarnik,
Sorry for late response.
Thank you so much,
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