security group email enabled dosent work

Dear Experts,

After I install my exchange 2007 box in my network, I add email address to security groups in active directory in order to email enable all old security groups that was there before exchange came in to.
If I send email to old groups nothing happens, no email are delivery to users in the groups , for ex :

Group 1 ( old group)
Email :

But if I create the security group directly from exchange server it works.
So what can I do with all olds security groups in order to email enabled them .


Data0 : AD + Global Catalog
MAIL0 : exchange server 2007 all roules
Mail: edge server

Thanks in advance

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Under Exchange 2007 you need to perform mail based operations via the Exchange Management Console rather than through AD.

Therefor to mail enable an existing security group you need to do it via the Exchange tools. Once you add the e-mail address via here you should be able to e-mail the group.

How to Mail-Enable a Security Group
PS. I hope I read the question correctly is sounded like you were having issues adding an e-mail address to an existing security group that was not mail enabled previously.
diegomirnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
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