Web Site and Web Application on one server with one static IP

DESCRIPTION:  My server has two seperate applications on it:
                         1. A web content software that creates my web site. The web content software resolves to my static IP address which is my domain name of www.csscsystems.com.  (I have only one static IP)
                        2. My web database application.

QUESTION: I have only one static IP that is being used for my web site, www.csscsystems.com.
                 With only one static IP address already in use, how do I CONFIGURE my server to display my web application too?
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Gareth PritchardCyber Security ConsultantCommented:
Its seems you are attempting to use the Bitrix application seperately to the SQL server.

I would think in order to utilize all the above, you would need to integrate everything to work together. not independantly. eg; if this Bitrix application does not support ASP, then you wont realistically be able to use ASP with that IP Address.

Unless as stated above you set up a sub domain, but from what I can see, you would then be using two seperate applications for each domain, Bitrix for www.domain.tld and ASP / SQL for sub.domain.tld

I see from the site that Bitrix does support MS SQL as a backend, http://www.bitrixsoft.com/support/forum/read.php?FID=10&TID=3415&MID=21705&phrase_id=540508#message21705

But then, this page suggests using MySql and PHP

As i mentioned before, In my personal setup, I have Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl.
Basically, the MySQL database backend connects to the loopback address ( ) the scripts then connect to the database via that address which gives me secure functionality of the database without leaving it open to the world. It is possible to setup an SQL database with a public IP Address, But not reccomended as administering the DB remotely would be better achieved via Telnet or a web application built for this purpose.

Hope that clears up the question a little, post back If I missed the point, or there is something that doesnt quite add up.
skca54Senior EngineerCommented:
Are you using IIS 6?
If so you could use host headers: i.e. database.csscsystems.com to access the database.
skca54Senior EngineerCommented:
Also you wuld need to setup DNS for database.csscsystems.com for instance.
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Gareth PritchardCyber Security ConsultantCommented:
Not realy sure what it is you trying to achieve here, usually a DB server is setup using the loopback address, the scripts then connect to the database and display the content on the web server.

could you be more specific as to what these seperate applications are ?
cssc1Author Commented:
1. I am using IIS 6.
2. The web content software is by Bitrix. You can find them at www.bitrixsoft.com.
3. The application is in asp.net with a MS SQL Database.
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