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Any advice on the use of the /3GB and /PAE switces with Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0?

I've had a good hunt around Google and can't find any specific advice from either Microsoft or Citrix.
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I would not suggest using /3GB at all unless this is a dedicated Exchange or SQL server.  It will starve your system memory.  I am not sure if Citrix is AWE aware so even if you use PAE you may not actually use physical memory beyond 4GB.  Your applications on the server must be AWE aware as well to take advantage of PAE.  
I usually suggest scaling out the servers when your needs reach 4GB of RAM.  Even if you get your server to use memory beyond 4GB I am betting you will run into some other bottleneck.  
howellajAuthor Commented:
I would certainly agree with you on the /3GB switch.  As you say, it looks like the /PAE switch may provide some limited benefits depending on whether the individual applications are AWE aware.

Thanks for the feedback.

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