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Iis cannot create a file when that file already exists

I am trying to set up a new website within iis 6. but i am getting an error stating that the file can not be created.

cannot create a file when that file already exists - exact error.

When i click finish, it will create the folder but is marked at stopped. Should i proceed Thanks. S
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No, you have a problem with it somewhere .. you need to find out what is causing the error otherwise your site might never work right.

What sort of site are your creating?  A typical site only points to an existing directory and creates a couple of default pages.  
Try creating a whole new directory so that you know it is emplty and then create the site and point it to the new directory ... if you still get an error then I would say the problem is most likely in your metabase file.

You would probably need to export the entire setup for your websites, look through the file and see what is in there that is not showing up in the management console.  We can then figure out how to clean it up so that things work correctly.
sunny-jAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your comment. I have just had SBS 2003 installed but i suspect that it was not installed properly by the engineer.

I did try and create a whole new directory and i had the same problem.

Is there a tool i could use to check the installation so i can see what has gone wrong.

Thanks for your help.
Not that I can think of ... BUT ...
From the IIS management tool you can export your current website configurations (all of them into one file is probably the best/easiest) to an XML file ... assuming you need to re-create them.
** Make sure you backup any website files that are in the default Inetpub directory ... again, assuming you need them.
Then you can uninstall IIS and reboot the server.
Delete the Inetpub directory from the C drive.
Now install IIS again.
This should get rid of any issues with the IIS install.
Try creating a new site and see if things are working.
If you need to restore the sites you started with then delete your test site now.
  - restore the backed up files back to the Inetpub directory
  - from the IIS management tool, reload the configuration in the XML file

*** Now see if your sites are working.

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