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Adjusting the height of a ListBox (<select>)

I'm using the ListBox on my HTML-page.

<select size="4" name="DrawingsList" id="DrawingsList" style="height:100%;width:100%;" >
  <option value="vvv" >TTT</option>

The ListBox is putted into a DIV and should cover all the space inside the DIV. But the height of the ListBox is automatically rounded and made divisible by the font's height. So, the height is a bit incorrect.

In WinForms and Win32, I know, you can turn off the "Integral height" mode and get exactly sized ListBox.

How can I get exactly sized ListBox in HTML?

Thanks for a response!
Alexey Fedorov
Alexey Fedorov
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Try using the ASP.NET ListBox control instead of the HTML equivalent - this should give you exact control over the size
My mistake - looks like in the designer you can set the size, but when you run it, it automatically resizes!
Alexey FedorovSoftware developerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I'm using
<asp:ListBox ID="DrawingsList" runat="server"  DataSourceID="SqlDrawings" DataTextField="AssemblyName" DataValueField="AssemblyId" AutoPostBack="True" CssClass="DrawingsListClass" Height="100%" Width="100%"></asp:ListBox>

I have tried to set the height by means of Width property of the asp:ListBox and by means of CSS. The result is the same: rounded "Integral height" is used.
Take a look at this:


I've just tried it out by creating a Custom Web Control using their technique and it seems to work! (In C#)
Forced accept.

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