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Fitering option with doubleclick event

I have manage to filter an select list with jscript like making copy and using regexp for filtering, this is a part for making copy

    this.optionscopy = new Array();
    if (this.selectobj && this.selectobj.options) {
      for (var i=0; i < this.selectobj.options.length; i++) {

        // Create a new Option
        this.optionscopy[i] = new Option();

        // Set the text for the Option
        this.optionscopy[i].text = selectobj.options[i].text;

        // Set the value for the Option.
        // If the value wasn't set in the original select list,
        // then use the text.
        if (selectobj.options[i].value) {
          this.optionscopy[i].value = selectobj.options[i].value;
        } else {
          this.optionscopy[i].value = selectobj.options[i].text;

this is working OK but the problem is that I'm having like ondoubleclick event on every option like:

<option ondblclick="eval(parent.location='test.php?id=5')">

and it is working until I use my filter.When I use filter and when my select component is filtered out ondoubleclick option is gone.
I have tried to add this:

this.optionscopy[i].ondblclick = selectobj.options[i].ondblclick;

but it wouldn't help.Can someone tell me can I carry this doubleclick event to copied object somehow or I must find the other way by using value of copied options?
1 Solution
can you try this:

this.optionscopy[i].ondblclick = function () {
  eval (parent.location='test.php?id=5');

if you really want to just call the same one the other method is calling instead, do this:

this.optionscopy[i].ondblclick = function () {
  var otherOptions = selectobj.options[i];
  otherOptions.ondblclick ();  // Should invoke its dblclick method...
do you probably mean:

You know that the browsers security model should inhibit that child windows change the parent window?

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