Roaming Profiles

I'm running entirely on XP Workstations.

I can't beleive how difficult this simple crap is.

I simply copied my profile to a folder on the C:\ROAM

Shared it out with both security and share permissions set to FULL Control.

Then in the user account properties under "Profile" I set the path to \\computername\ROAM and then with %username%.

I logged off and on again. It keeps telling me this:

Windows cannot locate you roaming profile (Read only) and is attemption to log you on with your local profile. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights blah

What do you guys think I'm doing wrong? Is there a reg hack also involved?
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jwphillips80Connect With a Mentor Commented:
On the sharing permissions, remove Everyone, add domain users and set their permissions to change.  Let me know if that works for you.  Also you may need to wait on your changes to propogate throughout your domain.
trickz_2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
is c:\roam on the workstation or on the server?
banks1850Connect With a Mentor Commented:
C:\roam?  Trickz he said \\computername\roam.

try logging into a machine you have never logged into before.  I think it is confusing your local profile and your roaming profile.  Either that or remove your local profile (renaming it and removing it under system-->advanced--User Profiles.

Oh, but before you do that, confirm that you can browse to the share as that user without mapping.  I.E. you can \\computername\share from the open line.  Then try to add and delete a file.  If you can do all this then try my above statement.  
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snyderkvAuthor Commented:
The profile is on C:\ROAM

The user profile path is the UNC path so \\Computername\ROAM

Yes it may have been confused since the share is on the same computer? I logged into another computer and it has now been tryin to load my profile for the last 45 minutes. Lots of stuff :) I'm using mine as a test first. The user has very little

I added domain user and gave full control for testing. I also went to the local policies gpedit.msc and changed the do not check owner and add administrator crap so I didnt have to do it manually. I'll see when it's finished coming up and let you know.

Thanks guy's
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
Eureka it worked

My profile was 5.25 Gigs so it took maybe 45 minutes.

I would only have to assume that the required steps for this is the reason why they created redirected folders.


my appologies to Trickz, didn't read close enough at the beginning.
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