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Windows 2000 not seeing SCSI drive with HP-branded Adaptec 2120s controller

I am attaching a Raid array to an Adaptec 2120s SCSI controller in a machine running Windows 2000.  During POST the controller sees the array as a disk of the proper size, but Windows disk management utility never sees the disk.
  My main problem is that I bought an Adaptec 2120s SCSI controller on the web.  It's HP branded, so Adaptec won't support it, and not in an HP server, so HP won't support it.  No tech support at all.  Sigh.
  I have an Enhance Technology RS2080SA Raid unit - rackmount, 8 SATA drives to Ultra320, hot-swappable redundant power supplies, a nice toy.  It appears to be working properly.  The computer is a home-built machine with an Asus P4C800 Deluxe mobo.  Ok, that's old, but I wanted to put my money into the disk system.  My system used to work fine with an Adapted 2930 SCSI controller, but that's ancient and only 20 MB/s.  So I bought a 2120s and installed it.  It is PCI-X, but I have had reasonable success in the past running PCI-X hardware in a PCI slot, and there aren't any Ultra320 controllers for PCI.  If you know of one, please tell me!
  With tech support from neither Adaptec nor HP, I downloaded the Adaptech drivers for Windows 2000.  When I interrupt POST with CTL/A during the adapter's boot, it sees a drive of the correct size at the correct SCSI ID, and can do a sector scan on it.  But the drive is not seen in Windows, including as an unpartitioned and unformatted drive in the Disk Manager.  I have worked with SCSI in Sun systems, with storage arrays, and used external tape drives on this Windows system with the old SCSI controller, but this is my first foray into high-end SCSI under Windows.

  So there it is, in a very large nutshell (coconut, maybe?).  I don't know if the problem is that I can't use the PCI-X card, that the HP-branded card will only work in HP servers, that I need a special driver and not the most recent Adaptec one, or something new to me.  For all I know, you have to get Windows to scan for SCSI devices.  If I had to bet, my money would be on drivers.  But 200 points to Gryffindor if you can come up with the solution.
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1) It could be that you do indeed need special software for this controller.

I would check the HP site to see what machines use this board, and get drivers and any additional maangement software.

2) It could be that it will only work on HP machines ( hard coded in the controller )

Since all is well with an older SCSI card, I would look into getting something in the middle, that is a standard SCSI card,, not HP.

I hope this helps !
PeretzBenRafaelAuthor Commented:
 Well, after a week of trying to get this work it finally hit me.  The 2120s, unlike all the other SCSI controllers I have worked with, is a Raid controller.  It will not present the disks to the OS until you build them into an array, even an array of one disk.  So I created an array of one disk, and now my PC sees it nicely.  Problem solved.
Glad to hear it !


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