How to use Wireless Access Point to boost signal from Wireless ADSL Router?

Right now our setup is as follows:

ADSL Line > 3Com ADSL Wireless Router > computer (by lan or wireless access).

The above works with no issues. We can connect to the Internet via router wireless access.

When the setup is as follows:

ADS: Line > 3Com Wireless Router > Dlink Wireless Access Point > computer

We cannot connect through the access point to the net. Only through the router.

Both devices support WDS but this is not used. Device specs:

Wireless Router: 3COM  Officeconnect ADSL router WL-552
Wirless Access Point: Dlink DWL-2100AP

We just want to use the Access Point to boost the signal. The router is on the first floor and I want to put the AP on the staircase to boost signal to the second floor.

COmps use Wind XP Pro.

Can someone help? Encrytion is required at some point but for this question we can leave it out.

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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You can't get it to work with that hardware. You will need a range extender, and you should really make sure you get one that supports WPA, so for this don't leave out encryption, as many devices that aren't dedicated range extenders don't support WPA in range extender mode.

I've generally had relatively good luck with usr products:
Yancey LandrumTechnical Team LeadCommented:
You will have to use WDS to enable the dlink as a repeater. Otherwise, just set it up with a different SSID and tell the 2nd floor people to use it instead.
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Yancey LandrumTechnical Team LeadCommented:
Man, I wish we could edit posts.

rindi is right; the D-Link cannot be setup as a repeater for the 3com box; it will only act as a repeater for certain D-Link products. Also, if you are using Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration, you will not be able to use the repeater in any case because WZC cannot handle two access points with the same SSID. You will have to use a different wireless utility.

If you don't want to have to purchase more equipment, your best bet is my second suggestion; set up the D-Link with a different SSID (a different channel might not be a bad idea either) and have your 2nd floor folks use that.
If you can run an ethernet cable to the Dlink from the 3com , then it can be used as an Access Point. Set it up with the same SSID as the 3com, but on a different channel, either 1, 6 or 11.

If you can't run a cable to it, Dlink makes a Powerline ethernet adapter, although it is around $150.00.  One of them plugs in upstairs in the 3com and into the wall outlet, the other downstairs into a wall outlet. You then connect the Dlink to it.

The other option would be to get a repeater aka range extender that will work with the 3com.  This 3com AP would do the trick
RBedewiAuthor Commented:
How would the 3com access point work as a repeater? Wont it need to be connected by ethernet to the adsl wireless router..

Right now the wireless adsl router is on the ground floor serving wireless clients securely. When users go to the first floor of our townhouse the signal is very low. I just want a device I can plug into the power socket upstairs (plug the AP power cord to the power port) and have it boost the signal.
No, Repeaters do not need an ethernet cable. Ordinarilly though a repeater should be of the same brand such as 3com. The AP in the link says it can act in repeater mode.  A repeater, and a Range Extender are the same thing both are designed to pick up the signal, boost it and repeat it.
RBedewiAuthor Commented:
We have this AP now

I will try configuring it tomorrow with the same encryption as the 3 com router and see if it works.
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