Send email using buttons in Flash MX 2004

Hi experts,

I have a SWF embedded in a HTML page, I am currently working on the contents section of the website. Within the SWF (Flash document) I have a button beside each contacts name that I want the user to click if the want to send an email to that person. i am currently using.


Nothing is happening. Any ideas?
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rascalpantsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the code you have works for me...

the code you have needs to be place ON the buttons themselves...  most likely have have them on the timeline.

I would recommend using the timeline method, but you need to give each button an instance name in the Properties panel and then use the below code:

theButtonNameHere.onRelease = function(){

Um...  What if you specify the target window???

getURL("", "_blank");

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