VPN server problems. Verify your username and password, and try again on Windows CE 5.0

I am trying to connect to a D-Link DI-804HV VPN router using a PPTP connection. The router is configured to accept the MSCHAP authentication protocol.  This work as I can connect successfully via a Windows XP Pro OS, but when I use my HP iPAQ hx2790 PDA that has Windows CE 5.0 installed and attempt to connect to the internet via the same wireless connection if fails.
The error message is "VPN server problems. Verify your username and password, and try again  ..."
How do I know what authentication protocol my PDA is using as it is the only thing I can think of that could still be a problem, please help, any suggestions?
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leondruryConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks, but my problem is that you cannot select the MSCHAP authentication protocol in Windows CE 5.0. I also do not know what authentication protocol is used in Windows CE 5.0.i? The D-Link DI-804HV VPN router is set up in MPPE Encryption Mode using MSCHAP and I cannot change this as all my client uses this authentication protocol to connect.
Any ideas?
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