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Some of the users in my company say there machines are slow.But when i check i feel the machines are fast enough.

I have done all the basic stuff to increase the performance.

All the machines are P4 3.0 with 1GB ram.

Is there any way i can check the performace and show them the proof that the machine is fine.

They are running Win xp with .Net softwares.

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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Rin a standard benchmark test - you can either do this with the system monitor/performance monitor built into Windows (there is also a free wizard at or use a 3rd party utility such as
PCMark see
is there a specific program or application that they are complaning about?  also find out when does this occurs. I have a network too and we just put in 3 new computers the costumer told me that they are slower the the old pcs... I did a little bit of investigation and found that it was everytime they accessed a linux share it would take over 3 minust to open this file I could not belive it. But it was a hard disk on this old linux server and it was failing.  Compose a list of complaints and see when and what they are complaing about.  Even if you proof to them that the pc is good enough they will still complain.
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