users on same domain but different servers

One company have user x on domain @abc in Uganda, and I have been asked could I create user y on same @abc domain but in my server, what do I need to configure on Domino and DNS server if that is possible at all

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It sounds like the goal is to allow this user to use your Notes server, but otherwise appear to be like all other Uganda users.  Correct?

By "@abc" I assume you mean the Notes domain that appears on internal messages, not the SMTP domain.  I also assume that the two Domino servers are completely independent, i.e., they have separate Notes doamins AND separate NABs (NAB=Domino Directory, or address book).

If so, there are several ways to handle this.  The easiest would be to
1) first set up the user NOT like a Uganda user
2) Verify that everything works when treated as a regular user
3) Make sure a Uganda user can send messages by explicitly typiing the domain, e.g., New User Name/Company @ XYZ (confirms domains can route to each other)
4) If Directory Assistance is already set up, Uganda user should now be able to just select user from address dialog, and YOU ARE DONE
5) If no Directory Assistance, then you either need to set up Directory Assistance, OR copy the new user person doc from your NAB into the Uganda NAB. Do not do both

The downside is that while users can generally treat the user pretty much the same as a Uganda user, the user's address will actually resolve to @XYZ, not @ABC.  To get it to resolve to @ABC, the user will have to actually be set up in the Uganda domain instead, with mail only REPLICATED to your server for "convenience."
I am not sure that I understand.

1) Are these 2 different NNN ?
2) Are these in different Address books ?

If yes then I do  not see how you can do this.

The only thing that might be possible is to create the user, and simply put in the desired Internet name in the Internet name field in the Person Doc.

I am not sure that mail would route properly though, or that replies would work.

I hope this helps !
Styria-it_hrAuthor Commented:
Yes It's different NNN and different address books.
When I wrote @abc I thought domain name for instance And, yes, two servers are completely separate (they have ability to connect to each other using cross-cert).
Other options is too consider using forwarding.

I guess we need to understand more of the problem.

1)Why do you want this suer on your server ?
2) Do you want to continue to have the user in the Uganda Notes Domain also ?
3) Do you need just SMTP mail to be on your server or also Notes mail or both.

I hope this helps !
What I described earlier will work for you. The NNN will make no difference.  The SMTP domain name should make no difference, so long as your Uganda Domino SMTP server "recognizes" the user and knows to forward it to the other domain.  Once Uganda accepts it and forwards it, it should set up the recipient using Domino naming, which will resolve correctly, the SMTP domain beocming orrelevant.  And it will recognize the user either through Directory Assistance if set up, or, if not, by having a copy of the person document that specifies the other domain.  Just don't do both Directory Assistance and a copy of the Person document.
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