Attach a domain to personal apache server

I have just turned my PC to a apache server. It works well. My website runs well, too. However, I only can access my website by my PC's IP.

I bought a domain from Yahoo, but now I do not know how to use that domain with my website which is hosted by my personal server. Could anyone help me?

I heard that I have to install a DNS server, and it is really a very difficult to a newbie like me. Could anyone can guide me step by step?

I greatly appreciate your help.
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RurneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should not need to do so.  Yahoo! already provides name server services for domain registrants:

your nameservers now are and for your domain.

You should have a web-based panel on where you can edit DNS information.  Provide your IP address for your PC in the A record for your domain, and you should be good to go (it can take 12-24 hours for the change to update globally).
free4vnAuthor Commented:
I had done it, but I saw this sentence in the domain control panel when I did that:

"Note: Any changes you submit will take 30 minutes to take effect."

so, I just check within the next few hours. I will try it again, so please wait me 12-24 hours for verification.

Moreover, there are settings for CNAME record.

CNAME   *       Yahoo! Hostname
CNAME   Yahoo! Hostname

Should I change Yahoo! Hostname to my IP, too?
free4vnAuthor Commented:
It really requires about 30 minutes to take effect. I made some wrong settings last time, so it did not work.

In addition, I do not need to change the CNAME, too. It is for sub-domains only.

Thank you for your help.
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