Disable sequencing in Oracle 10g

Is there any method that I could use to turn off sequencing associated with a table in Oracle 10g? I am trying to load the contents of one file to another database using insert statements, but I don't want the target table to auto increment. I want it to take the exact same contents but the problem is it autoincrements and violates certain constraints. If it loaded the exact same data it would work.
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joebednarzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Agree.  You probably have a TRIGGER for the table that has an ON INSERT condition.  Disable it and you should be fine.
You could get the current value, drop the Sequence, do your inserts and rebuild the sequence starting where it where it left off.
There is no such option in Oracle to disable sequence.

Is sequence used by any other objects in your database? you may want to check the dependency of the sequence before removing it from the database.

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