POP3 Connector and DNS - Cannot set POP3 address as primary address

Hi Guys

A have a SBS 2003 network with XP Clients, all running Outlook 2003. The client has two domains, the mail for domain1.com is delivered using DNS, domain2.net.au is all POP3, I have configured the POP3 connector with the POP3 accounts and have run into a dilema. The only way I can get mail to successfully deliver to the user mailbox is to have @domain1.com as their primary address, therefore their reply address is incorrect. When I set the POP3 address as the primary address eg. user1@domain2.net.au I receive Event ID 1070 -

"An attempt to relay e-mail to recipient <user1@domain2.net.au> was made. The e-mail could not be delivered because the recipient's e-mail domain name does not match any local e-mail domains."

I have configured a recipient policy for @domain2.net.au - Not responsible for all mail

How can I set the reply address as their POP3 Address

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Any suggestions will be appreciated
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
I think the reason you're getting that message is probably because you added a new recipient policy instead of adding the alternate SMTP address to the default recipient policy.  You need to have the domain2.net.au address in the default recipient policy as the default address in order to avoid that message.  Check out this article:

Not sure the POP3 connectors that came with SBS could handle that. I had this problem myself and what I end up doing was to use SBS POP3 connector for my domain email and local POP3 (in Outlook) to handle email from other domain. Whenever I send an email I am able to select which account to send via - there should be an Account button next to SEND if you have more than 2 email accounts setup in Outlook). Its annoying sometimes but at least it gave me the chance to choose which account I want the email to originate from.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
If you want ALL of the replies to be sent using the domain2.net.au address, you can set that address as the Default address in the properties of the user's AD account.  However, if you want the user to be able to select which address to use, they would have to have two separate domain accounts, one with the @domain1.com address and one with the @domain2.net.au address.  Of course, the GAL will also show both user accounts, and then they could select which one to use as their "from" address for each message.  
proactiveitAuthor Commented:
All users had local POP3 accounts configured within Outlook, the client now has a more mobile team and want access to Outlook Web Access, for this reason I configured the POP3 connector, I want all users that are have the POP3 accounts on thePOP3 connector to have the POP3 address as their Primary address, however as I said as soon as I change their Primary address to their POP3 address, I get the event ID mentioned in my question. I hope I cleared that up a bit.
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