Macintosh mail clients and Exchange 2007

Install Microsoft Exchange 2007 with Rollups 1, 2, 3 and no Macintosh client with 10.4.10 is able to retrieve mail via Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage

We have the server IMAP4 service on, we have the correct Outlook Web Access link.  We do get a certificate error not sure if this is related.  

Looking for ideas...
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Anything in the console logs or event viewer?

Not a solution, but here's a link to a few others having the same problem with Exchange 2007.

Hope it helps.

PROJHOPEAuthor Commented:
I am constantly getting user ID and password are incorrect when trying to establish a connection to the Exchange server.

Yet the same user/password works for Outlook Web Access.

So I guess either a setting or something has changed in 2007 that prevents this from working?

I read the link but my problem appears to be different.
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You may find this article useful as it address your certificate issue:
PROJHOPEAuthor Commented:
That looked very promising however when I export the certificates and place on the Mac Office Cert Mgr, I am unable to do auto-detect and then I get login failures so that isn't the problem.

We have two servers Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007.  Exchange 2003 users have no problem connecting to Apple Mail or Entourage to their accounts.

All Exchange 2007 users are unable to event get past the setup.  

We have compared local security policy on both servers and they are identical...something in Office 2007 doesn't like the parameter from Office 2003.

We select exchange account and the information does default in just doesn't complete the account setup for 2007 exchange users.

Upped the point value this is near impossible..
PROJHOPEAuthor Commented:
Let me ask another there someway in Exchange Manager to trace the communication or attempt to retrieve mail?

Tomorrow I am going to review the logs on the Macintosh to see if that gives me anything but looking for some type of footprint.
If it's an authentication issue, you may find something in the Security and/or Application logs ...

The Console logs will probably provide better info though ...
PROJHOPEAuthor Commented:
The authentication fails yet the account still retrieves the mail go figure....wondering if anyone has come across this.

Receive errors like the user/password cannot authenticate to the server, ignore and continue but the mail still is received.

However the mail is receiving, it is not receiving the entire mailbox (i.e. 2006 mail shows but 2007 does not appear)

Trying to pinpoint this...
PROJHOPEAuthor Commented:
Nothing I see nothing in event viewer on the server or the console is the kicker and others seem to have the same problem.

When you establish the account through the wizard and enter in the userID/password you receive userID/password is incorrect on

This error is incorrect and either misleading or a bug on connecting.  You can ignore the error but then you will not receive mail.

This same user ID/password combo works on web access, outlook on a PC.

I tried this account on a linux machine and received 'Exchange Connector 5.5 supports only Exchange 2000 or 2003'

So it fails to connect on various non-Windows OSes this is a problem that we may need to call Microsoft.

Unless anyone can add insight this question can be closed.
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