why RectangleF.op_Implicit ?

RectangleF.op_Implicit(rect) seems to give the same result as (RectangleF)rect, where rect is of type Rectangle. If so, why is .op_Implicit recommended in most of the g.DrawString(.) examples I have seen? I'm asking because I get a compile error using .op_Implicit under Clr 2.0 (but not Clr 1.1) Error is
"cannot explicitly call operator or accessor"      

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JimBrandleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using c#, all you need in 2.0 is:
RectangleF frect = rect;

The conversion is implicit.

If you are in vb, in 2.0:
Dim frect As RectangleF = RectangleF.op_Implicit(rect)
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