Red X when trying to reply to emails using OWA/Vista/IE7


I am also running Exchange 2000. My client has a laptop with Vista and IE7 installed.  There is red x when trying to reply to an email.  I tried possible fixes but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?
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Robbie_LeggettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the fix for Exchange:
jcarter123Author Commented:
Thank you...

I cannot try it out because we do not have a test server.  I'll wait and see what management wants me to do. Also, I do not remember seeing a fix for Exchange 2000, only Exchange 2003.  Thank you for your assistance.
I have an Exchange 2003 Server, and my lapotp has Vista.  I always got the RED X in the body area a new or reply to email when accessing OWA from my laptop.  When using other computers with XP it worked fine.  The solution was:

During execution of the Exchange2003-KB911829-v3-x86-ENU.exe file downloadable from the link above, the install will warn about a file is open.  Click continue and the file will be installed during the reboot.  When you click FINISH this WILL REBOOT your exchange server so make sure everyone knows it's rebooting before you click finish.  

This solution fixed my issue with editing emails through OWA on my Vista laptop.


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