Move email sent to an email alias to a certian folder within inbox

Hello experts, please could you advice me,
Using Windows SBS 2000
SMTP email and Active Users Directory.

Within my outlook i want to have a second mailbox called Email. Then i want multiple email aliases to be associated with that mailbox such as, and i will be adding a few more later on.

Then when i expand the mailbox within outlook have a separate folder within the inbox for each alias.

Then i want to setup a rule which will automatically move a message sent to to the folder within the inbox called sales@bla

What i have tried so far is added a new user called Email onto the active directory. Then added the appropriate email aliases,
I have added the folders i want within the inbox on outlook.

My problem now is that i cant setup an outlook rule to move the email messages. It seems to rename for example in the To:
i would expect to see but it renames it to 'Email' the name of the mailbox.

I really want to stick to only having one mailbox and this Email mailbox is going to be used by several users on the network.

Any help is much appreciated
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Imtiaz HashamTechnical Director / IT ConsultantCommented:
Instead of naming the mailbox email, call it e.g. sales and use the exchange general bit to forward the emails to the account you want to receive it on.
Do the same for other aliases and forward them to the receiving mailbox and this will resolve the problem.
Just to add to what ihasham stated, you can create different users called Sales, Enquiries, etc, which do not need a mailbox. In Exchange General tab forward all these emails to user Email so all emails being sent to these accounts would all be delivered to Email, with the appropriate "TO" field for your rule.
noisecoukAuthor Commented:
Thats got it, works great. Thank you for your support
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