which php community software is this?

Hello!  I've been asked to develop a site similar to the following:
As you will notice, this is a pretty sophisticated site written in php that has classifieds and some sort of content management.  I'm wondering if this is some sort of open source community software that can be downloaded or if it is a branded program that must be purchased OR if it is custom programming for which the source doesn't exist to the rest of us.  Can anyone look into this site a little deeper and give me their thoughts on this?  here is a link to the classifieds:
here is the auto classifieds:

i know they are using "Openads" for their ad server.
I'm asking this because if this isn't open source php then I must write all of the code myself which obviously will take quite a long time.  with as many "modules" as i can see in this type of a site I doubt I would have the time and energy to do this without a heavy price tag as it would take me several months.  just wanted to check and see if anyone found the looks of this to be familiar and if this was some sort of readily available content management type of system.
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It looks like 'TYPO' but there are many others that are very nice.  I highly recommend Joomla or Drupal.

Here are links to a few different ones:
linuxroxAuthor Commented:
you know any other sites that use TYPO that i can compare with?
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