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Outbound SMTP mail on Domino stopped suddenly

Sunday night (no one around) our Domino 7 server suddenly stopped sending outbound SMTP messages.  Notes mail routes correctly.  
Inbound SMTP mail is received.  
POP and IMAP work fine.  
When I put a packet sniffer (Ethereal) on the box, no packets go on the wire when the server console displayes the error (for a yahoo.com example):
"No messages transferred to YAHOO.COM (host c.mx.mail.YAHOO.COM) via SMTP: The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing network problems. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists."
So it looks like DNS is working too.
From Windows2003 (server's OS), I can ping address but I cannot telnet over port 25 to addresses.
An interesting (and possibly relevant) footnote: Symantec Antivirus cannot run its LiveUpdate from the console on that machine with the following error: "LU1814: LiveUpdate could not retrieve the update list".  The description goes on to suggest that we check to make sure the machine has Internet access.
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Yep, Full Virus and Malware check! Something is in there, find it, remove it
IN addition check a;; 3 event logs and the DOmino log.nsf for any other issues.

What has changed ?

Have  you done a reboot ?

I hope this helps !
SOunds like something is hosed on the box, and mots likely all it needs is a simple reboot.  If you can't telnet on port 25, then it is more than just Domino, it is Windows.

if the reboot doesn't bring it back, either Windows is hosed, or you';ve got malware. Either way, make sure you have your Windows installer around.
Just verify that your AntiVirus software is not configured to perform some kind of firewall protection... Eg. McAfee which per default (I think) blocks programs access to remote systems on TCP port 25 (to prevent mass mailing worms).

I'm quite sure that your system is still in a "recoverable state".
Forced accept.

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