Outlook Express does not compact folders

In outlook express 6.0, when I go to Tools - Options - Maintenance and click "Clean Up Now" there are no files listed and even though outlook express shows the folders, I cannot compact them.  The .dbx files are large and need to get compacted.  How can I get OE6 to see these folders?  

I would just upgrade to Outlook but my client absolutely refusing to upgrade because he is comfortable with OE6.  
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings linepuppet !

Do not compact from Maintenance tab.  Instead, highlight the folder that you want compacted and then select File > Folder > Compact.

Before you compact back up the DBX file. Compacting large OE folders can corrupt them.  Keeping the DBX files under 500 MB is a better solution.

Best wishes, war1
linepuppetAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I wish I had the option of keeping their .dbxs small but my client is not the sort that listens too closely until we're having issues.  I'll make backups before trying to compact.
Glad to help, linepuppet!
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