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We currently have 2 exchange servers setup on our network.  We have one MX record pointing to the original server Exch1.  Users in which mailboxes reside on Exch2 are having a problem signing into OWA.  Whenever they attempt to sign in, it repeatedly asks for their username and password.  Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this without registering another MX?
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kristinawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
so if you do not have a front-end server, which it sounds like you don't, then you will need to expose (nat, or however you're doing it) the ip of the 2nd exchange server so that users can hit it. mx records are for mail routing. all you need for owa is an external ip address that is natted to the internal ip of the exch2. configure a name for it, owa2 or whatever, and provide that to the users with mailboxes on the 2nd box.

these 2 things really don't have anything to do with each other.
inside your network, if you go to http://exch2/exchange, can you get in?

AzagThotheAuthor Commented:
Yes, we can login successfully from inside the network to either server.
AzagThotheAuthor Commented:
I guess I need to know how I go about configuring a second name webmail2.mycompany.com and registering the dns name on the web, etc.  

Kris, thanks for the helpful info so far.
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