Removing formatting icons in WordPerfect

When my user scans a document into WordPerfect, it shows an icon to the left of each paragraph.  My user hates that, and wants me to make them go away.

The icon looks like a hollow black arrow pointing to the right, toward a bunch of tiny blue lines (as if the arrow is indicating a indented paragraph in a miniature document.)

I'm not a wordperfect user, and a search of the web told me nothing useful... but I assume they are formatting icons, holding format information about each paragraph.

Is there a wordperfect expert who can help me get rid of those strange icons?
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I couldn't get pber's link to come up, so my apologies if this is repeating the content of that link:-

Pull down Tools, Settings, choose the Display icon, in the Show section on the Document tab you will find a check box: Margin Icons.  Get rid of the tick.
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Look for something under the view menu like Reveal Codes.
Also it may have a toolbar icon like a pi symbol.  
Probably the reason why this doesn't appear in a regular document (i.e., created by typing it in, rather than scanning), is that scanned documents often have redundant formatting in them, such as if the margins on the scanned image are a millimetre different from the default WordPerfect setting, the scanner software may try to compensate for the difference by inserting extra codes into WordPerfect.  As pber says, these can be removed by going into Reveal Codes.  Good thing about WordPerfect is that you can do a global replace on formatting codes.
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