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SQL 2000 to MySQL

I need to convert a SQL 2000 Enterprise database to a MySQL database. when i export it as an access database, there are too many fields.  is there any sort of converter out there that will take it from one to the other without having to go to access first?  
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Try this link:


download it and use this.

Hope it helps.
There maybe a lot of utilities out there which take pain and guess work out of such database migrations. many are Sharewares and many are freewares. Based on your budget you can choose to use any.
I prefer to do such migrations the hard way.
First database table, and view creation in all database vendors would be same.
The stored procedures however may require a few changes if the vendors are different which in your case is true.
SQL server allows you to export data from all tables into flat files. These exports happen on a table by table basis which means you can export only one table to a flat file at a time. If you are systematic in your approach you can export all the tables in your database accordingly.
SQL server also provides a feature to Generate Scripts as another database level task. You can use this to generate Table and View creation scripts which can be run without much modifications in any other vendors database.
Once you have your views and tables created its just a matter to doing a bulk import into the other database.
This is definitely not a straight forward approach but if you want to remove all guess work from you migration, this is the approach I suggest.
Hope this helps.

HunTelWebProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I tried the software suggested by chinu.. converted sucessfully, but program using the DB didn't like the info after the conversion at all. I ended up having to recreate it :(  thanks for all your help!
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