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Using free WordPad in Windows XP Pro.  Does anyone know how to modify the registry so that the default "save" and "save as" never changes?  The way it is now, WordPad remembers where the previous save was and uses that the next time you save.
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daleoranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One option would be to customise the Save and Save As dialogue box.

Start> Run
Type GPEDIT.MSC and click ok

Then navigate to

User Configuration >Administrative Templates >Windows Components >Windows Explorer
>Common Open File Dialog
Double click 'Items displayed in Places Bar'
Click 'Enabled' then enter your default save location in 'Item 1'
Click ok

Now everytime you click Save or Save as it will still open at the last place but you will have a quick link to your default location.
Not perfect I know but maybe something to think about if you can't find another solution.

Changing this changes it for all applications on your computer
You're restricted to 5 locations and unless you specify them they default to 'MyDocuments'

Hope this helps

I don't believe it is possible.  It's a built in "feature".
Forgot to mention that this will only work if you are using XP Pro

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