Downloaded hot fix for .net framework 2.0 is a DLM file which Windows cannot open

My webserver has been getting a too frequent problem requiring an IISRESET. I researched and found an exact match for the problem:

This takes me to some place called Microsoft Connect where I found a link to download this hot fix

and so I downloaded it.

It saves as download.dlm

Now I cannot find any application to open it or run it, etc. What do I need to apply this hotfix to my Windows Server 2003 ?
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EE_AutoDeleterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Because you have presented a solution to your own problem which may be helpful to future searches, this question is now PAQed and your points have been refunded.

jjamjatraAuthor Commented:
Never mind....I contacted Microsoft for the hot fix and they say the Pilot Program for downloading hot fixes has had a "lot of bugs" - the hot fix rep had never heard of a .DLM file. Please close.
The above is useless. To open DLM files, install
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