Is there a legal way to scrape data from a site?

I work with a construction company that is doing some statistical analysis of future areas they looking to build and we need to collect information that appraisal district office has freely available to the public online just not in the bulk quantity we need.. They don't explicitly say that data cannot be scraped from their site but just to be safe is there a way to acquire that data legally or is it just a grey area?
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Gotcha.  Without knowledge of their database or data structure, there's not an easy way.
Grabbing mass data from any site that doesn't say that it's allowed could have legality issues. Remember that webserver log data access. Try calling, emailing, or even snailmailing (writing) to the appraisal district office.  They are probably more than willing to help out if the data is free as you suspect.

Bluelude1Author Commented:
i have called and asked but the response is that they don't have bulk data available and that i would have to go through there site and search one street at a time. Hence my current position
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