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Urgent - Exchange 2007 and A Record issue during installation

Hello, I am setting up a new server, which has AD. I've put the server onto an isolated segment so that it doesn't conflict with my other server because it has the same domain name. Eventually, my goal is to remove the other domain server and make this the domain server for the domain. My domain is small so this will be no problem.

Since my server is on an isolated segment I've just setup a basic DNS service. Now, when I try to install Exchange 2007 I get an error that says:

Warning: Setup cannot verify that the 'Host (A) record for this computer exists within the DNS database on server

This machine has DNS loaded but for some reason I am still getting this error. Is it because I have not put in the DNS IP address from my provider? What do I need to do to get rid of this message? Btw, I've also flushed my DNS.


3 Solutions
Ouch.... Why did you do it that way...

You should have set it up as an additonal DC for the domain, I think you on the wrong to alot of headaches going the road you doing....

jhiebAuthor Commented:
I think I understand your statement but I need to be sure. What are you consider to be a headache? I want all the machines to start fresh and with a fresh domain. That is the easy part. But, if you are considering me setting up the machine as .LOCAL then I would like to hear what you have to say. Otherwise, if there is nothing technically wrong then all I need to do is figure out the DNS issue I mentioned above. Please comment. Thanks.
I agree with ATIG, you've got headaches ahead of you.

As far as your actual question, make sure that the Exchange server is pointed to your isolated DC for DNS resolution, that the Zone is AD integrated, that the Exchange box is a member of the domain, and that when you try to resolve <exchangebox>.<isolateddomainname> that it returns an IP.
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it you ask me i will say that you need to first install the windows 2003 server in the new server and the move the roles to the new server and then decommnison the old one. make sure you have the domain name something.local which is always the recommended and the best way to setup domain. then you can install xchange will be be like ease if you are familar with that ,

jhiebAuthor Commented:
Yes, I set mine up with .LOCAL. Now come on... .it won't be that much of a nightmare will it? I'm actually ripping out the other machines and am setting this up like it was a brand new domain. When I place this box in the office, it and one workstation will be the only ones working. Then, I will slowly add about a dozen more PC's and another server to the domain. OK... If and when I pull my hair out because I did it this way I will put away my pride and post back onto this thread... Just be careful with the "i told you so" remarks. <bg>.
jhiebAuthor Commented:
By the way... my DNS problem was that I called my DNS Zone <domain>.net when I should have made it match my domain, which is <domain>.local. It really caused a problem...

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