Website sure to generate TRAFFIC

I have a new domain that I want to:

1) Protect
2) Program

What tools do I need for something that will require being able to change the site remotely, protect the site, and allow for growth without locking myself down to one service or another?

PS.  I have little programming experience outside of batch file scripts used in the IT industry.  
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desertcitiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Tedpenner,

1. When you say 'protect' are you referring to protecting your domain name that nobody ever steals the name from you and to technically protect it?  Or are you referring to a broader protecting in both protecting your domain name, as well as your website?  

Your domain name is protected in that depending on where you registered your domain name nobody can take that name from you unless you sold the domain to another person, or you stopped paying for your domain's renewal fees and the domain is abandoned and put back into the public domain.

Protected in that in order for anyone to take your domain name they would need to have the same email address as the one you used to register your domain name as that of the 'registrant.' In addition, you have 3 other contact email address (Admin, Technical & Billing) that can help in the administration of your domain, but cannot sell your domain name without your permission done via email and in some cases also fax.

In terms of 'Service' you probably mean your web hosting company, or where you will place your web pages.  This is usually the next step after getting a domain name, that in finding a good web host.  There are thousands of web hosting companies out there.  Today web hosting is affordable offering you many choices.  It's best to ask around and shop around and see what bang you get for your buck based on your web needs and what you plan to do with your website too.

If you get your own web host package, it's very likely you will be able to access your site via FTP using a secured connected to send your web pages up and back from your PC to your site, plus you probably will have access to a secured web page called a control panel where you can create email accounts, check your statistics, install a shopping cart program and many other things.  Most web hosts will have demos of what features come with their packages.

You might want to explore the possibility in using a Content Management System, or CMS.  There are a number of excellent programs out there that allow for you to both create your website, update it, do many things in a secured environment.  One such program that is very popular and requires very little knowledge of making a web page is Joomla <>.  Joomla is free and there's many great things about Joomla plus you can remotely monitor and work on your site anytime.  Visit their site and learn more about Joomla.

I hope this information helps and guides you to a better understanding of your next steps.  

Feel free to say more if we're answering in the right direction to help you.

Good Luck!
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