Multiple Terminal Servers - Control redirection by username or GPO

Hi Experts,

I currently have 5 Terminal servers at the office,

at the moment the different clubs connect to their respective servers via port maps.
Eg Server1 -> 3389
Server2 -> 3390
Server3 -> 3391 etc...

What I would like to do is have everyone log in to 1 server and depending on their username get automatically redirected to the server that I want them to go to.

Eg:Using RDP
mary connects to enters her username and password then ends up logged into server5
tom connects to enters his username and password then ends up logged into server2

Is that possible at all?

Hardware - 2 Adsl Lines into Linksys RV042
5 x Win Server 2003 Standard Servers
1 x SBS Server 2003 running exchange and iis ( for company website )

Thanks in advance
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That's why I asked.  Because normally you wouldn't need to do this with a clustered TS environment that's configured for load balancing.  So, first, I'd suggest that you review that configuration against what is recommended:

i dont think that is possible. in windows terminal server.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
It should be possible... so are you saying you want to eliminate the need for them to have to remember which port number to use?

Can you give me an idea of how many users there are on each server?

Also, you mentioned "club" but can you explain a bit more about why these are separate servers?  (Because you only have a single AD domain here anyhow).

nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply,

The end (ideal) result would be to give everybody the same shortcut for rdp.

Then depending on a variable that I can change at this end channel different users to different servers.

I have just managed to do this to a degree using TSWeb and an sql database.

The reason for doing so is that we have clients in different timezones/countries that connect to the servers and if I need to take a server down for maintainence then I want to channel users to different servers the next time they log in. That way I can take it down without affecting anyone.

The need for the 5 seperate servers is only for load balancing and they all share the one AD.

Thanks again.

nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that,

I guess the web farm is the way to go

Thanks again.
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