Slow to copy and paste from IE to Word

A user of mine is having intermittent problems copying articles from website on Internet Explorer and pasting them to Word.  I'm not sure where to begin with this problem.  I'm defraging the HD and made sure the RAM and  SWAP file are adequate.  I will also install Firefox to see if helps the next time it happens.

1.  The problem has corrected itself with the good ole reboot.  
2.  Other programs don't have slow response.
3.  It sometimes takes up to 10 mins

Could it have something to do with flash or scripts or something?

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Eric FletcherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you copy from a website, you get all the links too, so when you use the normal paste in Word, the links need to get resolved in order to display. If the connection is slow, or the pasted content has complex formatting, it will take a while to resolve it in Word. Keep in mind that Word isn't a browser: something like a Flash script would need to be resolved but a filter for it certainly wouldn't have been included in the design.

The target document will keep the links so unless you are online when it is opened next, some elements may not display. This can be a security issue too: an image in the Word document would need to be served from a site somewhere, so a log of the serve would be made--and the Word user's environment may disallow access. You can break the links by selecting everything and unlinking the fields (Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-Shift-F9).

A better solution might be to use the Paste Special dialog and choose Unformatted Text. This strips all of the html and any elements that can't display in Word. Alternatively, you could get a similar result by pasting into Notepad and then copy from there to paste into Word.

Either way, you'll lose most of the formatting: fonts, inter-paragraph spacing, etc. so be prepared to reformat it manually. If what you want to copy is just text (and hopefully not copyrighted!), be sure to copy only the text, and not ads, borders, links etc.
webadministratorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I faced same issue, i didnt get in to much troubleshooting, i simply reinstalled the Os, this solved the issue
Try increasing the priority of the WORD application (from processes) and see what the result is.
Marc ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also consider that the AV program might be checking the copy/paste, but if it fixes itself after reboot, it sure points towards memory issues.  Could be a totally different program is just leaking memory away from IE.

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