I'm creating a custom menu and I'm trying to retrieve the data from a sitemapdatasource but i can't get te data.

when I do this.
            Dim source As SiteMapDataSource = CType(Me.Parent.FindControl(DataSourceID), SiteMapDataSource)
            Dim list As IList = source.GetList
            For Each item As Object In list

the result is System.Web.UI.ListSourceHelper+ListSourceRow

how can I retrieve the items in the sitemapcontrol, can you please give me a working example
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Because that a sitemapdatasource  is based on an xml-file, you can read the xml-file into a dataset and loop the dataset.

        Dim dstSiteMap = New System.Data.DataSet

For a complexer solution:
Building and Consuming a Dynamic Sitemap in ASP.NET 2.0
davyquyoAuthor Commented:
i'm goiing to repeat my question
i want to create a Custom Menu
not the default one. i want to create one on my own.
davyquyoAuthor Commented:
its not the sitemap i will create but it wil do i think
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