Loging on to a remote network

Windows server.
Is it possible that when a user logs on to their machine, that they then have access to a remote network?

We just moved offices and have left our web, file and mail server with a hosting company that were in an office above us, but we have now moved 15 miles down the road. Before when the users logged on they could access certain mapped drives.

But now when a user logs they will still need those mapped drives, is there a way to accomplish this?

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yes you can do that. you need to have a permamnet line like T1 line or DSL line setup between the two offices and can be configured using the firewall software or hardware based on the budget. so when the user login they can still have the mapped the drives as they had before. but it will stll be not the same speed as they had before.

Hope this helps
SolugaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this was one solution, but just used a vpn in the end.
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