Oracle - Pass Parameters from shell script to stored procedures

I am producing two parameters from a webpage (jsp,java) and am sending them to a shell script.

I want to call them in a stored procedure from the shell script as below:
                  sqlplus $USERNAME @/opt/sql/removehols_sql $1 $2    <---- calling params correctly?

The "removehols_sql" then calls the actual procedure that utilises the parameters:
                 call full_removehols();             <---------- how do I pass the parameters from "removehols_sql"?

If I hardcode in parameters it works fine
                 call full_removehols('TYPE1','13-07-2007');

can somebody please tell me how I can pass the parameters through corectly as this is quite urgent.
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Within your sql script you should have:
call full_removehols('&1', '&2');

and then call
sqlplus $USERNAME @/opt/sql/removehols_sql TYPE1 13-07-2007

Note that you should include &1 within single quotes. That is needed if $1 equals TYPE1. If $1equals 'TYPE1' (ie quotes are included) then you should remove them from the script.

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davystocksAuthor Commented:
Perfect. Thanks for your prompt and accurate response YANN0S
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