Email to one address in Exchange 2003 to multiple users - how do I?


I have a Server 2003 AD, and Exchange Server 2003. I have two users, A and B. User A has multiple email addresses configured in AD, he receives the mail from all of them. User B has only one email address. All email comes to us directly, no POP Connector.

There is an email address that is one of user A's. I want a copy of all email to that address to also go to user B, in addition to user A.

How can I do this?


I want a
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you want to create a distribution list in Active Directory, give it the email address, and then add both users to that list.

Open up AD, and create a new Group, type distribution.

Option 1
remove that address from User A
Assign that address to a distribution group
Add User and User B as members of that group

Option 2
Remove that address from User A
Create a new mailbox and assign this email address to that mailbox
Grant access to User A and User B to that mailbox
Add this new mailbox as an additional mailbox in User A and User B's outlook
ksoszkaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Red, and Rake, I like option 1.

Red was a hair quicker so I have to give him the points.
Glad you are happy,

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