Improving performance of network printer

Hi every1

Does anybody know how to improve performance of network printer connected to Windows 2000 Server, 'cause a printer (xerox n32) arrived from another location which was connected to another serwer and now when I have connected this printer to my windows 2000 server some users say that this printer works slower then before . Any ideas ? Please let me know.

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I have seen similar behaviour before, caused by the printer remembering some of the settings of the previous network. The best way to fix it is to reset the printer to factory defaults.

A factory reset can be done by pointing your browser at the printer's IP address, or from the front panel. Here's how:

Power off the printer. While holding down buttons 0 and 7 power on the printer. When the printer displays NVM Erased release buttons 0 and 7.

You will need to re-enter the TCP/IP address details into the printer, using the front panel button or your browser.

Another thing that can affect performance is a windows "feature" that has been there since the first release of Win 2k: using port 9100 can cause very long delays. To fix it, change the port to LPR and set the queue name to RAW (under port Configuration)
Possibly caused by resources on the new server.
Is the spool directory on a different drive than Windows and the pagefile?  If not, move spool directory to a separate drive (Control Panel, Printers, File>Server Properties, Advanced Tab).
Check for memory and pagefile usage.  Upgrade memory if memory/pagefile usage is high.
admfotadAuthor Commented:
charliebiscotti - is there any other possibility to improve performance of network printer connected to windows 2000 server ( configuration of driver etc) , because  there is a lot of free space on drive 'c:" ?

Thank you in advance
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In what way is it working slower? Taking longer to send? to process? or does the printer sit idle for a while after the print job starts spooling?
admfotadAuthor Commented:
Actually hdhondt document is immediatly visible in printer tasks to print on a print server but it takes much time to proceed on a network printer. I have no idea why it took less time when this printer was connected in another location. Perhaps local network is slower here but I have no idea what else could affect printer to print slower here in my location
admfotadAuthor Commented:
hdhondt , you answer helped me very much and now everything works well.

Thanks for help all of you
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