Search active directory for specific email address.

hey everyone.
I am looking for a way to search Active Directory for specific email addresses.
The first way I am wanting to search is to search for all users, groups, and public folders with an smtp email address with the word "policy" in it.  I would like these results exported to a file of some kind.
The second way I want to search is to search a specific OU for users, groups, and public folders with an smtp email address with the word "policy" in it and export the list to a file.

Everywhere I look, people are telling me I need a script.  I just started in this department and dont know scripting yet.  Can anyone help me out.  I will assign lots of points:)
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
you don't need a script...below is how you find users..

Logon to your mailserver or an xp machine with Exchange Admin tools installed.
goto start > programs > Microsoft Exchange > Open Active directory
At the top level under saved queries...right click....choose new...type a name for the define query...change the drop down to "Users Contacts and Groups"...on the exchange tab...checkbox> "Users with Mailboxes"..on the advanced tab, click Field > User > E-mail address.....change the condition to "begins with".....  Now type *policy* should see a list......right click on the query you just created to the left..and choose export.  Save the file to a location.

Change you query to look for groups as well....

If you click view > then choose will now see Microsoft Exchange System can find public folders in here.  I would just export the list into a file, then import it into access and run whatever query you want on it.
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