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I'm purchasing a new server ( the only server) for my small network and need to transfer Symantec AV to the new system. I assume that I am not uninstalling SAV from the client computers. The new server will be a DC for a new domain name and I plan to log on to the new server with the old one when I'm going to transfer the data over. The question is, do I uninstall SAV from the old server an reinstall it on the new, or do I just install it on the new one and take the old one out of service when i'm done? Are there any other considerations that I might be overlooking? Thanks!
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I have to admit I don't know for sure! :(  I would certainly give it a go, however, because the AV isn't tied to the domain.

The worst case scenario is that you would have to move the clients manually.  Thankfully, Symantec do have documentation on migrating clients where the parent server has changed - this method is usually used where the old parent server no longer exists but in your case it would simply be that neither server talk to each other!

Version 10:
Prior versions:
Keep both running while you install Symantec onto the new server - enter the server into the same AV group as a secondary & then make it the primary.  You should then be able to use the SSC on either server to drag & drop the client machines into the group owned by the new server.
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That sounds like a plan. The question that i have is will this work if the new server is in a different domain than the old one? For simplicity, I've decided to create a new domain for the new server to be DC, so that I can set it up and join all client machines after that (thus avoiding conflicts).
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