What folders to backup on MS SBS 2K

I have a SMB 2003 server running SQL & Exchange. I am using the backup software storegrid (vembu.com) and it does several backups alone:

exchange server
system state

I am trying to configure the data backup of the server to backup and currently have it set to back up the entire server partition. I feel that I am backing up more then I need when I select this option.

Can someone advise me what folders I can skip when I run the backup of the server?
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BobPrinceExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to be very careful here with SQL database folders.
Depending on the backup system -the actual Database files will be skipped.
You have several choices in most cases:
1. Stop the SQL service prior to backup and restart after.
2. Run a SQL maintenance plan (job) to export the data to a backup file.
3. Use a Special Agent designed to backup SQL.
4. Some combination of the above (recommended).

There is also an Autoclose feature in SQL that can make the files available but that requires that the application that might have tables open,etc be closed - which can not always be guaranteed.
I normall backup the following:

System State (has the registry in it)
Exchange Stores
SQL Database folders
any file server folders you may want backed up.

Although backing up the whole server isn't bad either but it does take more time and tape.
cchesnetAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have an SQL agent that will run and get the backup.

My main concern is what windows server folders/files are installed upon a reinstall of the server so I do not need to include them in by backup runs.
TheMetrixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only thing I backup from my DC's is the System State, that gets the Registry and Active Directory. If your DC also is a File Server you will of course want those files too.
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