User limit of a file server added to a Workgroup?

If I add a Win Server 2003 machine as a file server to my workgroup, will it be restricted to the 10 user limit of the workgroup or the 75 user limit of Win Server 2003?
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CircleblueConnect With a Mentor Commented:

That is correct.   Remember you have to purchase licenses for each user or machine to connect to the server too.   There is another can of worms in itself!  
The 10 user limit is based on XP Pro machine. 75 user limit is the max users you can have on a SBS 2003 server, NOT a standard Windows 2003 server.

Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

Windows 2003 server will not limit network connections if it's configured as stand alone (or member server). It's up to you to purchase CALs.


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Server 2003 can have unlimited "Network" connections.   In other words, everybody can map 10 drives to the server, if you have 20 employees, then you have 200 connections.  Whereas XP limits the number of connections to it at 10, for example if I mapped 10 drives to the XP machine, nobody else could connect to it.    The limit is not USER based but NETWORK CONNECTION based.  However, SBS 2003 does have a 75 user limit, that is self imposed because it's performance degrades severely when it starts getting up to that many users.    So make sure you understand the difference between a network connection limits and user limits.  
TonyUpton711Author Commented:
Thanks for all feedback!
So, Circleblue, taking your scenario, I could use our Server 2003 machine as a file server (NOT as a domain controller) on a workgroup and each one of our 20 (XP) users on that workgroup would be able to access the files on it at the same time.  However, if I stored the files on one of the XP machines, only 10 of the users would be able to access those files at the same time (assuming each user only had 1 mapping to the XP machine)?
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Yes, XP does not allow more than 10 (Professional) or 5 (Home) concurrent connections.
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